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I am an urban and wilderness photographer with a great passion for being in the great outdoors. But I am equally happy pounding the streets in a bustling city as I am traversing a narrow mountain footpath in the wilderness with my camera searching for an interesting image. Being mainly self-taught, I have learnt what I could from the many photography publications, other photographers and most of all being out there with my camera capturing images and learning through my experiences. 


My interest and passion in photography was born back in the age of film but I now enjoy exploiting the amazing benefits of the digital era.


For my most important work I currently use a Nikon D800 body with a selection of Nikon lenses, Lee filters and a Gitzo tripod. When I'm out in the street I use the excellent Fujifilm X100V and  for my "everyday" photography I use a small Sony A5100 mirrorless body and lens combination, which I carry with me everywhere.

To contact me with any questions, feedback or for the use of any of my images please use the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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