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A Stroll Around Greenwich, London.

Updated: May 25, 2022

The plan today was to take a walk along the Thames Path to photograph the Thames with a friend but after we both looked at the weather forecast and seeing that for the most of the day thundery showers had been predicted we changed our plans. The new location was Greenwich and with the day's weather not looking too great I decided just to take the Fujifilm X100V as I doubted I would be getting any "serious" photography done and these little trips normal end up with most of our time spent in a pub somewhere. along the route.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Greenwich, University, Car, Vintage, Movie Set

I arrived in Greenwich earlier than our agreed time which gave me the opportunity to walk around on my own for awhile. The streets and market were pretty empty and it was already starting to rain. I decided to venture into the grounds of the Greenwich University as if it started to rain heavier there would be plenty of places to take cover. In fact the rain stopped shortly after and the sun came out, this was how the weather was going to be for the most of the day. Thundery shower and then amazing sunshine. There was a lot of activity in the University ground and it looked as if some filming was going to be taking place as there were groups of people assembling lighting rigs etc. It was obviously going to be set in the forties or fifties as there were a few period vehicles parked along Queen Anne Court. I captured a quick snap of two of the cars during a period of sunshine and processed the image with an aged look.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Greenwich, University,

I continued to walk around the University grounds and framed an captured the image above. It features the domes of the Christopher Wren designed King William Court which I framed between two of the columns of the building of Queen Mary Court opposite. I waited to include the small group of people walking along the path which was still wet from the recent rain shower, to give the scene a sense of scale.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Greenwich, University, King William Court, Architecture

The next image I captured was another part of King William Court. I went for a very low perspective to include and emphasise the interesting stonework making up the floor of the court. I keep the camera as parallel to the building as I could to prevent any kind converging verticals of distortion. The aperture was stepped down to f16 to hopefully enable as much of the sense to be sharp and in focus. Of course as I was shooting on the Fijifilm so I had to post process the image to black and white. The last image I captured of the day (below) was a guy walking down Crane Street, which is adjacent to the Trafalgar Tavern on the bank of the Thames The street was adorned with Union Jack bunting in readiness for for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations in a few weeks.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Street, Candid, Greenwich, Bunting, Union Jack, Jubilee

The rest of the day was spent going from one pub to another in-between the thundery showers. At some points of the day the rain really came down heavy and there was even hailstones falling during one of the showers. Luckily we observed this from a table at the window of the Trafalgar Tavern sipping on a cold pint. Even though there wasn't too much photography achieved, it was still great to be out with the camera and experience some interesting weather conditions. Of course it's also great to catch up with a friend for a pint or two as well.

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