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A Trip to Brighton, Sussex.

It was an early start this morning as I needed to travel by train into London and meet a friend at Blackfririars to catch the 08:09 Thameslink train to Brighton. the reason for the early start ws that the forecast was looking too good for a trip to the coast and we were sure that later on in the afternoon Brighton would get incredible busy. I was travelling light, equipment wise, I only had my Fuji X100V with me as I was guessing that most of the images I would be capturing during the day would be of street art and perhaps if I was confident enough, some street photography. One of my favourite pieces of street art from the day was the image below but it was heavily tagged so I took the liberty to clean up the image in Photoshop and gave it a clean neutral background similar to the colour from the actual mural.

Jamie Dean, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, Toska11
Street Art : @toska11art

But the first actual image I captured from the day wasn't the one above, it was the one below. It was a piece of street art that was painted on the side of The Queen's Head pub just across the road from Brighton station. The street art was by Paul Don Smith and was for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. It was a nice clean piece, no tags. We continued to walk through North Lanes passing all the cool retro shops, colourful houses and trendy cafes. The sun was already getting warm.

Jamie Dean, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, Platinum Jubilee, The Queen
For the Queen's Head: @pauldonsmithart

One of my favourite images from the day was the one below. It was of a very cute fluffy cat that sat nonchalantly in the doorway of a local pub, just enjoying the sunshine watching everyone walking past busy with their business and the enjoying the occasionally attention from a stranger who just couldn't resist to stop and give them a stroke and say hi.

Jamie Dean, Cat, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, North Lanes
Pub cat.

We continued walking around the streets of Brighton towards the beach, pausing every now and then to shoot some other interesting pieces of street art. Although I have to be honest I have seen better, or perhaps more, street art on the walls of Brighton in the past. It seemed to be mostly tag as opposed to murals but that could just be the routes I was taking. To be fair I didn't really do that much photography while at Brighton. Sure it was great to be walking around in the sunshine people watching and taking in all the wonderful colourful character that make up the populous of vibrant Brighton, but I didn't really capture any of this character with my camera.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Street, Candid, Brighton, Art, Contractor, Monochrome
Carrying the tools of his trade.

The only real street photo I captured was the one above of a contractor walking down the colourful side entrance to a art shop carrying all his gear. He looked straight at me, but I held the camera to my eye as he walked past to give him the impression I was waiting for him to pass before I took an image of the street at on the walls behind him. We had a nice cold beer in The Queen's Head pub before crossing the road to catch our train back into London. Not amazingly photography influenced day but a great day all the same.

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