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Killing Time, London.

I was meeting a friend later today in London for a beer. So I took the opportunity to arrive in town earlier and have a wander around with the Fuji X100V looking for anything interesting to shoot. I am still getting used to Street Photography, and slowly gaining that confidence to point my camera at a stranger. I believe I can see the images it's just the process in capturing them, if all I needed to do was blink an eye the content on these blog pages would be far more interesting. But unfortunately photography isn't that easy. Anyways, I figure the more time I spend out in the street with the camera, the easier it will become. Right?

Jamie Dean, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, Toska11
A Black Cab

The first image (above) was of a black cab passing by. To be honest, this image only got posted into the blog as it was the only horizontal shot I took today and I need one for the headed image. It does include a human element, well his arm and a very small part of his face at least so it ticks that criteria. There is a small amount of motion blur in the image, not enough to make it look intentional though, but being black and white the format is a little more forgiving. Although it shouldn't be used to mask your mistakes, of course.

Jamie Dean, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, Platinum Jubilee, The Queen
Walking down some stairs

There is a little motion blur in the figure in the next image. This was unavoidable as the lighting in this stair case off of Waterloo Bridge was awful. I pushed the ISO as high as I dared and framed the shot and hoped that when I pressed the shutter the guys wasn't moving too quickly. For me though, the small amount of blur works with the overall effect with this particular image, the figure's environment looks dark and dingy and the fact that there is a little motion blur strengthens this.

Jamie Dean, Cat, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Brighton, Sussex, North Lanes
Carry too much shopping!

I liked the location in the above image, it was under Centre Point, due to all the leading lines criss crossing the pavement. There was some seating area close by so I sat down and waited for interesting people to walk past. This was one of my favourites from the "fishing" session, it's of an older lady totally burdened down by her shopping. Her expression displays the realisation that she has purchased too much to be carried home without great effort. Also, a little unusual for me at this stage, you can see her face.

Jamie Dean, Black and White, Photography, Fujifilm, X100V, Street, Candid, Brighton, Art, Contractor, Monochrome
Clash of "colour"

Remaining at the same location, I captured this lady walking through the scene. Unfortunately she is looking away and not at the camera. But what I like about this image is that she is walking along the diagonal line that cuts through the bottom of the image. She also has a coffee in her hand which is so typical now. In colour this image is a total clash of colour, she is wearing a bright yellow coat that clashes with the yellow lines on the pavement. I really do need to gain that confidence not to worry if the subject is looking at me. Still something I need to work on. Overall, though, I was happy with the images and otherwise it was great to be out in the city for I was still able to see some interesting things and people even if I'm not quite ready to capture images of them yet.

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