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Results of 35mm film day.

Shadows in the street

It's been a long time since I have felt the anticipation I will feeling now, I was on my way to collect my developed 35mm images from the processors. I made my way to Aperture in Rathbone Place, off Oxford Street, to hand over my safely kept collection slip. In return I was handed a brown wallet containing my processed 35mm film strips (which were in protective sleeves), a CD containing multi-res scans of the negatives and a small contact sheet.

One Canada Square and walkway

I had a quick look at the contact sheet as I was walking back to the station, everything seemed to be ok with the negatives. Admittedly there were one or two where part of my thumb was over the lens as I was getting used to the much smaller size of camera than I was used too.

Once home and in the office I connected the external CD drive to the Mac, loaded the CD and opened up Lightroom. I waited the few seconds it took for the CD drive to initiate and read the files with the familiar whir. Then I anxiously imported the hires files into Lightroom and was finally able to see the resulting images from the day in London in their true backlit retina glory. I had shot on Ilford XP2, which could be processed C41 (colour film processing) for quickness in developing time. This gave a slight colour tinge to the images, but they were sharp and well exposed. I was really impressed with the Nikon 35Ti. I know there was I reason I loved this little camera so much.

Industrial crane and the Hilton, looking up

As the scans were Jpeg there wasn't a lot of scope to edit the images, increase the contrast and a little clarity. Boost the blacks and the whites. A little sharpening and I was done. This was only a trail after all. Looking through the images reminded me of the fun I had shooting with the Nikon 35Ti in the streets, and I'm now really looking forward to using it out in the streets again. This time though I will have greater control of the camera.

Looking up

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